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DTS HD Master Audio Suite 2.60.22 Keys .rar

I do a new clean install from.iso, but on old hardware. It was a pain Jimster480-Laptop: please use a pastebin for that long stuff cfhowlett, Good luck with that. k1l, sorry actionParsnip: I was doing good until someone suggested looking into lua Been a while since i used this pastebin k1l, it shows my stuff says device sr0 is a dvd/cd device is there a way i can find the logical name or id or whatever its called of sr0 xor3: oh, I use it to do the same thing, i never used that pastebin it would tell me ActionParsnip, how do i go about finding the correct id of sr0? i know /dev/sr0 should exist Jimster480-Laptop: i dont see the issue there. is that a video-cd you put in? k1l, its the disc from the copy and burn linux edition i burnt it from an iso image in windows 8.1 Jimster480-Laptop: does the file system on that iso have a label "boot"? how do i check that? Jimster480-Laptop: gparted is a nice tool to have for that and there is the menu label (bios or bootloader) to look for how can i get a screenshot how do i install gparted

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